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Our History

We are a Turkish-Yemeni company specialized in the manufacture and trade of Yemeni coffee, as coffee is abundant in Yemen with a long history dating back to before the fourth century AD, and some believe that Yemen is the origin of coffee.

Yemen is historically considered one of the countries that was known for producing and exporting the finest types of Arabic coffee in the world, in which coffee was known as (Mocka Coffee) in relation to the city (Al-Mokha) and the port of export.


From there, its reputation spread to Europe, America and the rest of the world’s continents through the Ottoman Empire, so it was widely known as Turkish coffee, as it is grown today in sixty countries.

Therefore, our company blended the history and quality of coffee with the Ottoman-Turkish cultural heritage, which mastered and excelled in presenting coffee to the world as an incomparable drink, as UNESCO included Turkish coffee in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013”.

We are not just in the coffee business, we are coffee lovers.

Our most popular products

Yemeni Specialty Coffee

Arabian Gulf Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Karak Tea

Soft Taste

Events Coffee

Share the rich and smooth taste of Community Coffee with your friends and family.

Unparalleled Diversity

Multi-variety Coffee

Choose from our wide selection of different coffee varieties and enjoy multi flavors & aroma experience.

Unique Experience

Experts Coffee

Enjoy a unique coffee experience with our premium blends hand-picked by our experts.